Granite Grave Markers by Pre-Arrangement or For At-Need
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Flat, Beveled, Upright, or Slanted Marker? The Choice is Yours

Get granite grave markers either by pre-arrangement or for at-need at R.H. Kelly & Son in Hastings, PA. Not sure what kind of marker you want? Choose from flat and beveled memorials and upright or slanted monuments.
Flat and beveled markers are low to the ground. Flat markers are known by terms like flush or grass markers. Beveled markers, also referred to as pillow markers, are oblique. The backs are raised higher than the front, creating an upright effect. Often, the beveled marker has a polished face.
Upright markers stand vertically. Otherwise referred to as monuments, they are commonly made up of a base and a tablet. A slanted marker is an upright monument with a slanted front. The angle of the slanted monument makes them easy to read.

When you order a memorial or monument with us, we will even provide foundation work after installing it. Contact us at (814) 247-6581 for a pre-arranged or an at-need grave marker.

Complimentary Veteran Memorials: We Can Help with the Paperwork

If your departed loved one served in the military, it is possible he or she can receive a complimentary memorial. The Department of Veteran Affairs provides, upon request and free of charge, a government headstone or marker for any deceased, eligible veteran. Additionally, a medallion may be available for affixation to a privately purchased memorial. Spouses and dependents are often ineligible for a government-furnished memorials. The exception to this rule is burial in a national cemetery, state veterans’ cemetery, or military post/base cemetery. Stop by our Hastings, PA, location for help with your VA paperwork.

Cemetery Work, Pet Markers, and Vases are Also Available

Even after you design your pre-arranged or at-need marker, we continue to serve. We will engrave the date of death at the time of need, and many memorials include vases for flowers. We even offer pet cemetery markers for your four-legged family members. Often, losing a beloved pet is just as difficult as losing any other loved one. At R.H. Kelly and Son, we can help memorialize your furry friend especially for you. Other benefits and products we provide include:

Vases Cemetery Work Foundation Work

The Evolution of Grave Markers and Memorials Throughout History

Historically, using stones to mark graves dates back to between 3000 and 4000 BCE. At first, stone markers designated the boundaries of the grave. They also prevented the earth from resurfacing the body. Often, families dug burial plots close to their homes. Large boulders or piles of stones were usually used to form them. Surface etchings indicated details of the deceased, including the person’s name, as well as their age at and date of death.

The type of element used to create grave markers has changed significantly throughout history. In North America, during the mid-to-late 1800s, wooden headstones marked the graves of Civil War soldiers. Over time, more durable material replaced wood, as wood proved to be less reliable over time.

Marble was a popular choice because of its delicate, aesthetic appeal. Because the stone is soft, however, marble was ultimately found not as ideal for marking graves. When exposed to weather, marble quickly wears away, including any inscribed information.

Granite Memorials: Formed by Nature, Sculpted by Craftsmen to Last

Granite is a naturally occurring stone, formed for several millennia under intense pressure. Found under the Earth’s crust, magma or lava cools, then solidifies to create this mineral. Granite was a popular stone during the Victorian period and continues to be so today.

One reason for granite’s popularity is because of the variety of colors and crystalline textures. Another reason stems from its durability. Granite is able to withstand the elements of nature. From temperature extremes to acid rain pollution, it is unique because of its heft. Granite also has no salvage value, so granite memorials are not often stolen for profit. Furthermore, the stone resists most vandalism. Finally, granite requires minimal maintenance.

Design pre-arranged and at-need monument and memorials with R.H. Kelly & Son in Hastings, PA. We are the choice for granite grave markers.