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Granite Grave Markers by Pre-Arrangement or For At-Need
R.H. Kelly & Son - Hastings, PA

R.H. Kelly & Son in Hastings, PA, Offers Granite Grave Markers and Services

Get granite grave markers either by pre-arrangement or for at-need at R.H. Kelly & Son in Hastings, PA. We offer the following services to meet the creative and quality grave marker and memorial needs of our customers:

  • Pre-Need Granite Markers
  • At-Need Granite Markers
  • Veterans Markers
  • Gravesite Accessories – Lights, Vases, and Urns
  • Pet Monuments and Markers
  • Monument Cleaning
  • Monument Repair and Foundation Work
  • Cemetery Continued/Perpetual Care

Contact us at (814) 247-6581 today for a pre-arranged or an at-need granite grave marker.

Flat, Beveled, Upright, or Slanted Marker? The Choice is Yours

Flat and beveled markers are low to the ground. The backs are raised higher than the front, creating an upright effect.

Upright markers stand vertically. Otherwise referred to as monuments, they are commonly made up of a base and a tablet.

A slanted marker is an upright monument with a slanted front. The angle of the slanted monument makes them easy to read.

Choose the Right Color of Granite to Memorialize Your Loved One

Most experts recommend choosing a dark or black granite on which to etch engravings. Darker-colored granites are ideal for inscriptions and etching because they provide significant distinction for the design. Also, the quality is generally fine enough to support a readable inscription.

Memorial granite colors such as Impala Black and India Black are prominent at many cemeteries. Often, granite colors coincide with the person’s personality for whom the memorial is or was designed.

We offer various granite monuments to choose from, including traditional upright markers, slant markers, flat markers, and bevel markers. These granite monuments are manufactured in an array of different colors:

Impala Black

India Black

Colonial Rose

India Red

Salisbury Pink

Bahama Blue

Blue Pearl

Dakota Mahogany

Mountain Rose

Wausau Red

Barre Grey

Canadian Pink

Grey Mist


Granite has not always been the stone of choice for marking graves, though.
Other elements and minerals were used throughout history. To learn more, click here.

Complimentary Veteran Memorials

If your departed loved one served in the military, it is possible he or she can receive a complimentary memorial. The Department of Veteran Affairs provides, upon request and free of charge, a government headstone or marker for any deceased, eligible veteran. Additionally, a medallion may be available for affixation to a privately purchased memorial. Contact our Hastings, PA, location for help with your VA paperwork.

Cemetery Work, Pet Markers, and Vases are Also Available

After designing and installing your pre-arranged or at-need marker, R.H. Kelly & Son continues to serve. We will engrave the date of death at the time of need, and many memorials include accessory vases for flowers. We also offer pet markers and pet memorials for your four-legged family members.

Vases Cemetery Work Foundation Work

Granite Memorials: Formed by Nature, Sculpted by Craftsmen to Last

Granite is a naturally occurring stone, formed for several millennia under intense pressure. Found under the Earth’s crust, magma or lava cools, then solidifies to create this mineral. Granite was a popular stone during the Victorian period and continues to be so today.

One reason for granite’s popularity is because of the variety of colors and crystalline textures. Another reason stems from its durability. Granite is able to withstand the elements of nature. From temperature extremes to acid rain pollution, it is unique because of its heft. Finally, granite requires minimal maintenance.

For quality monuments, accessories, and service, contact R.H. Kelly & Son in Hastings, PA for granite grave markers.